The introduction of a (re)development or industrial relocation cannot be improvised. This requires consideration of the project with a variety of technical expertise and human management, skills that are not necessarily present or available to the company as in-house resources. With our experience, we assist companies in their efforts, whether in the design or the installation, or for specific steps.

Our expertise

  • Improving your process

    Based on our diverse experience, we offer alternative solutions to enable companies to optimise their process and thereby increase their profitability. As a partner, we analyse your production flow taking into account the specificities of the company and offer different techniques to implement for improving your productivity.

  • Project budget and feasibility studies

    We prepare a budget specification to take stock of each viable option. In consultation with you, the choice can be made taking into account various configurations and budgets.

  • DAO identification and installation

    We visit the locations and offer 2D or 3D simulations in order to provide clear and effective visual communication, readable by all project stakeholders.

  • Computerised schedules

    We organise the stages of the project in consultation with you according to your priorities (maintaining activity, safety, performance, etc.).

  • Organisation and project management

    We assist in the various stages of the project with an established and methodical supervision.